About Not Falling Studios


Not Falling Studios launched in 2010 as "D-Mitchell Web Design". 

I had been doing web design since 2002 as just a hobby learning how to use Microsoft Front Page, Jasc (now Corel) Paint Shop Pro and Movie Maker - just creating fan pages for bands and wrestlers.

But as it became cheaper to host websites and social media took off, I tried to take it one step up and run an official website. 


Enter Chris Spradlin, a American Professional Wrestler, who’s website in 2010 I had noticed not been updated in a long time.

I got in to contact with him and took over his web site.

Within the next few months, I had designed 4 new, official websites.


From then I have had over two dozen official websites, from Professional Wrestlers & Wrestling Promotions, Tattoo Artists, Mechanics, Landscape Gardeners and more.

I have designed logo’s & artwork for many people, created videos and highlight packages and also created DVD’s (see: STORE).

Everything I do is self-taught, I am currently doing online courses to better my knowledge - you can never know too much – right!

Not Falling Studios is Dan Mitchell. Dan was born in 1987, is married with two children and lives in Lincoln, England.