"For now quite some time Daniel as been in charge of the SSB website and so far so good he as never let us down. He's good at what he does and its obvious when you see his work. 
And for as long as Daniel is taking care of our website The-SSB.com I know that i don't have to worried about any bad surprises or problems.
Keep your good work buddy!"

Stu Grayson, Independent Wrestler

"Daniel is such a reliable webdesigner, and represents so many performers appropriated in the world wide web. 
He really cares about his "clients" and keeps everything up-to-date, whether being the websites as such or their Facebook-presence. 
I really love to work with him, it's just fun and we became good friends!"

Samantha Kemmler, Graphic Designer

"Daniel's work ethic is impecable. 
He's always understanding and ready to execute any changes to the website that is necessary. 
He is timely in all his work and is attentive to anything that could be useful for whatever your web needs might be. 
I highly endorse his work."

Player Uno, Independent Wrestler

"Since I started using Dan as my webmaster, my bookings have increased dramatically. I’ve been able to reach such a wider audience since the creation of my website and now it’s easier than ever for promoters to get in contact me. Dan services come highly recommended from “The Alpha Predator” Lucky tHURTeen."

Kevin Papics AKA Lucky tHURTeen, Independent Wrestler

"Dan Mitchell operates several web pages for some of the top independent professional wrestlers in the United States today! 

In my dealings with Dan I have come to know him as being very talented and skilled in web design, but perhaps just as importantly, Dan is very responsive, communicates well and is reliable!!!
There is a difference between “just doing a job” and having a passion for it. Dan has that passion!!!  Highly recommended!!!"

Joe Zanolle, ECWA Management

"I have know Dan for many years and he is a good friend. I needed a website set up and Dan was there to lend a helping hand. Dan set up my website and always checked what I thought and if anything needed changing. 
I am very happy with the website and service from Dan. 
Keep up the good work Dan!"

Luke Smith, LS Car Talk

Dan Mitchell is very helpful and always going out his way to make sure my website is up to date and up to the individuals standard!

Gaz Reidy, Tattoo Artist

"I've dealt with a number of 'webmasters' over the years and, while talented, most can be hit or miss when it comes to reliability. 
Dan was always on the ball! Whenever I needed an edit or an upload he obliged ASAP. 
Hard worker, handsome lad that Daniel..." 

Chris Spradlin AKA Chris Hero, Independent Wrestler

"Dan has been running my website for quite some time now, and has done an amazing job. 
He has amazing work ethic and a great natural talent for web design.
He is always coming up with new and fresh concepts, and had made my job as a talent so very easy. 
I would recommend his services to anybody!"

Austin Jenkins AKA Adam Cole, Wrestler For Ring Of Honor.

"Some of us are born with great looks, amazing talent, and an IQ that would make Einstein jealous.  Of course, I can only be speaking of me, because I am a conceded jerk, but Dan Mitchell is not. 

Dan has been able to revamp my website (mavenbentley.com) to allow me to show how incredibly sexy I am to the entire world. His work his fast, accurate and top notch.  

Although I may be a little full of myself, Dan is a down to earth guy who knows his stuff. I strongly recommend after you get your girlfriends and wives to stop downloading photos of me, that you contact Dan to build a website for you (please understand your girlfriends and wives will still spend more time on my site then yours)."

Tyrone Scott AKA Maven Bentley, CZW Promoter

"Anything that I wanted to accomplish with www.Donst.com Daniel fulfilled not only incredibly fast but going way beyond my original expectations.

To say I'm overwhelming impressed by his readiness to change and update the site is an understatement. His creativity throughout the process leads to not only greater productivity on my end but also improving the site immensely as well. 

I wouldn't want to work with any other Web Designer in the world based on Daniel's speed, production value and good heart."

Mike Hopes AKA Tim Donst, Independent Wrestler

I have been working with Dan for a little less than 6 months now and I could not be happier with his services! I have been a professional wrestler for the past 10 years and I have unsuccessfully attempted to create a professional website a few times now... creating a website is difficult enough, but actually keeping it up to date is a daunting task. With Dan's help the entire process has been effortless. He updates the site weekly, finds photos and graphics that I would have never been able to find without his help, and he is constantly asking my opinion so the site feels very personalized. Your opinion matters with Dan!

I truly cannot say enough positive about his services. Give it a try and I am sure you will not regret it. Also, since developing the website I have been able to increase sales (t-shirts, signed photos, nutrition plans, etc) which has made the experience a success - both professionally and financially :-)

Tommaso Whitney AKA Tommaso Ciampa, Wrestler For Ring Of Honor

My name is Leah Von Dutch and I have had Dan Mitchell design, build and create my website from top to bottom. 

Dan is very easy to get in contact with at anytime. If you need the most professional looking website while keeping it affordable. 

Dan Mitchell and Not Falling Studios are the best guys for the job!

Leah Von Dutch, Independent Wrestler

For a long time, I had been considering an official Web page. When Dan Mitchell first reached out to me, to be honest, I was a little skeptical. In the past, I'd considered getting a website designed by a larger corporation, as small businesses have burned me with business in the past. 

However, I can honestly say working with Dan has been one of the best business and personal decisions that I've ever made. He's thorough, detailed, and goes above and beyond all your needs in timely fashion. He's a true professional!

Gregory Smith AKA Gregory Iron, Independent Wrestler

"A few years ago I was emailed by a man named Dan Mitchell, who was interested in creating a website for me as he was a fan of my work. (Poor judgement, but hey... I appreciate it). 
Since then he has proven to be a dedicated webmaster, a pro at web design, and incredibly talented at what he does. I couldn't be more impressed with how hard he works for not only my website, but for the several other top notch wrestler websites he also manages. 

 If you are in the market for a top service webmaster and web designs look no further than Dan Mitchell. Check him out at d-mitchell.co.uk, and feel free to ask me more about his work. I'm proud to work with Dan, not only is he talented but he's also a great guy."

Gregory Skipper AKA Greg Excellent, Independent Wrestler