Designing the actual website.

Editing the site until the customer is happy. As many pages that the website needs. 

Creating and maintaining a store for the site if needed. 

Continuation of running the website for the foreseeable future, with the customers input.

Promoting upcoming events, competitions the running of a bookings/schedule page with details on what events you would be at and how to buy tickets.

Producing graphics (Headers, Buttons, Logo's etc). Graphics may not always be done by Not Falling Studios, but they will be done to a high standard and to your satisfaction.

Editing videos for highlight videos, promo videos etc. Videos can be hosted on YouTube, or social sites or on your own website.

Running of Facebook/Twitter etc accounts to be used in unison with the Website.  


All prices are different to each project. Obviously if you wanted just a webpage and thats it, it would cost different to having all of the above services.

These are not prices like you would get from any other web design company, they have loads of people on there staff to give you 24/7 service. I will not lie - I cannot do that, so I do not charge like they charge. My prices are very reasonable, ask any of my recommendations.

It creating a site, contact between me and the customer will be needed. I can communicate through Phone, Text Message, E-Mail, Facebook Chat, Twitter DM, Skype and more.

If your interested in using my services or want to discuss anything, E-Mail me at