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Promotional, Adverts, Lyric Videos, Music Videos, TV Shows.

At 14, Dan ran a Animated GIF (before GIFs were the in thing!) website called Trons Unlimited, where he would post WWE Stars Titantrons in GIF form, and also make custom trons too.


That led to making music videos for certain stars such as Jeff Hardy, Eddie Guerrero and more (which unfortunately are long lost).

As Not Falling Studios got more serious in 2010, more videos were made to highlights customers, DVD trailers or to hype upcoming shows.


In 2014, we made our first DVD, along with the artwork and have had many more since.

In early 2016 Not Falling Studios finalised a great deal - an actual TV show (CHAOS TV) which was planned to show in part of America, but fell through (although two episodes are on YouTube).

Massive trust was put into us when in late 2016 Waylon Reavis (formally of Mushroomhead) chose NFS to create a lyric video for his first track with new band A Killer's Confession. At last count, that video had over 118,000 views.


That video has opened the door to working with over 20 different artists on their videos.